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I'm a design student, I recently finished a Bachelor’s degree in interaction design and I will be soon entering a master's degree in Imersive UX (VR) at L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique.
I am looking for an internship between August 2018 and January 2019.

Bang bang run

Polar illustrations

Sewing project

A trip to Tanzania

Ink the city

Maker faire


Bang Bang Run

March 2017
Processing, Pure data, Photoshop, Illustrator, Make-Makey, Cardboard
Group school project

The brief for this Project was to create, during a one week workshop, an interactive installation workshop combining the use of the software Procesing and Pure Data. During this workshop my group and I created a game based on a racing concept, using a makeymakey. This game puts the player in the shoes of a cowboy crossing a desert while having to avoid obstacles and catch letters allowing him to unlock a treasure chest. To make the game more immersive, we made a cardboard horse and also installed a saddle which allowed us to incorporate 4 interactions. These four interactions are moving to the right or left using the reins, jumping, by getting up from the saddle, and finally firing a gun also made of cardboard. The graphical components of this game were created in 2D using the software Illustrator and Photoshop given that the time was limited.

Illustrations: the polar landscapes

November 2016
Adobe Illustrator
Individual school project

The purpose of this project was to create a series of four illustrations on a given theme, using the Adobe software Illustrator. My choice was oriented towards the polar landscapes, a source of great aestheticism, which I had the chance to discover during my travels in northern countries, especially in Greenland. I based my drawings on pictures that I found inspiring that I sometimes combined to keep the most interesting part of each of them. The color scheme for those illustrations is located in the blues, whites and teals as the ice is the dominant element in such landscapes. I ended up offering much diversified representations of landscapes but also communicate a different emotion through each illustration.

Sewing project

Sewing machine, fabric, acrylic paint
Individual project

During my free time i enjoy sewing, it allows me to create various projects. I like to explore the possibly that sewing offers through challenging projects. I find it interesting to work with different materials to see what they can add to my projects but also see how i can upgrade them. When I find ideas for new projects they often are an answer to a problem, sometimes they work great and sometime they don’t and I learn from my mistakes so I can do better the next time. I taught myself how to sew by experimenting on small project and kept on creating, when my schedule doesn’t allow me to sew for a long time I always come back to it at one point. I also taught myself how to play the ukulele since December 2016. Like sewing, ukulele is very rewarding and it’s probably why I have hold on to it since. For one of my last project I created a hoodie and decided to make a short video showing parts of the process, I have also decided to record background music with my ukulele (work in progress). One of my other recent projects is a series of two tote bags, the base is very simple yet convenient, but I decided to paint on them with acrylic paint and create a unique design.

A trip to Tanzania

March 2018
Sketch, Principle
Individual school project

For this individual school project I had to prototype and animate a responsive website presenting one of my travels. I was lucky to go to Tanzania last December to visit childrens that my family and I are supporting, it was such an enriching experience and I decided to narrate it through this project. I chose to base my website on a large vectorial illustration for the desktop version and I broke it down into smaller section for the mobile version. This very visual representation combined with images and small texts enable me to really carry the user into this travel.

Ink the city

June 2017
HTML, CSS, Illustrator
Group school project

For this project, on which I worked with my colleague Juilette Paugam, we had to imagine and create a service in order to help and give more visibility to nomad workers. After a phase of research we decided to create the mobile app InkTheCity. The main purpose of this app is to give more visibility to street artists by enabling them to present and list their work. It is also enabling the public to financially support the artists. The user also has the possibility to discover street art through walks generated by the app which helps popularize street art.

Maker Faire

April 2017
Illustrator, Photoshop
Individual school project

For this school project the brief was to redesign, both on its visual aspect and on the way it was architecture, the website of Maker Faire Nantes. I first reorganized the content of the website in a more intuitive and logical way. After searching for different visual ideas I went and created wireframes and then mock-ups on both desktop and mobile. I decided to use asymmetrical elements to communicate the edginess of the event, those also enabled me clearly delimit and prioritize the information as the website present a lot of content to its users.


June 2018
Figma, Invision
Individual school project

For this project on which I worked throughout my final year of bachelors’ degree I decided to work on creating a better communication around emerging profession to help high school students in their choice of studies. I wanted to bring very concise but regular information directly to teenagers, that is why I decided to create an app. I named this project “Every” referring the fact that every day the user will get à testimony of what professional do on their everyday basis. This name also relate to the fact that it covers every jobs by the giving a large panel of testimony. The users also have the possibility to search testimonies by using key words allowing them to discover various jobs and the different studies that can get them there.

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