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Raum 04

Interactive Installation - End of Studies Internship

This interactive installation project is part of the experiments and researches going on currently at the GhostRaum studio. I have had the chance to participate in the creation of this project from it’s very beginning until its presentation to the audience (end of October 2020) as part of my end of studies internship. This artistic project is under the initiative of the studio and its goal is not to answer any clients briefs, therefore the key elements and requirements of the installation have been changing along our creative process. Nonetheless some criterias were defined and the goal was to create a tangible installation engaging the viewers through some form of interactions, the installation would be mixing both projection mapping, puppet shadow work and body tracking and recognition.
This project started with a strong research phase in which I inquired on a variety of subjects. Ranging from artistic references to more technical issues, my work consisted in narrowing specific criteria for the creation of the Raum 04 installation that would fit our resources and means. But the purpose of gathering and organizing all this information has also been to create a base for future projects and works that will take place at the studio.

My role in the creative process of this project has also been to prototype and experiment, both with tangible elements and with digital and interactive effects. Part of the prototyping phase has also been to document the process and the result of each test. Those experimentations included testing different types of effect using Unity with different 3D sensors, testing puppet shadows or even trying different projection set up.

image test kinect image miro test shadow

When enough of the criteria of the installation were set we started building the final installation using softwares such as TouchDesign and Unity but also using puppet shadow techniques.

Raum 04 is an immersive installation bringing the audience on an interactive journey in a scenery of mysterious mountains. The experience will be divided in four scenes, each representing a time of the day. The audience will have the opportunity to see themselves in the landscape and interact with it. The installation itselfs is made of 3 wooden frames each creating different layers of a landscape and therefore creating a feeling of depth.

Raum 04 is currently being built and will be presented during an open studio session on the 24th and 25th of October.

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020