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Bang Bang Run

Interactive Installation - 2017 - Group School Project (4 students)
The brief for this Project was to create, during a one week workshop, an interactive installation using the softwares Processing and Pure Data. We were also given the constraint to use cardboard to build our interactive setup.
The week started with brainstorming ideas and deciding what our project would be. Due to the short length of this project we quickly settled on the idea of creating a game based on a racing concept in which the player is a cowboy crossing the desert. The following steps were to code the interactions on Processing and making them function with some quite low tech devices made out of cardboard and aluminum foil. In order to interface those we used a Makey Makey.

For the installation we built a horse out of cardboard, painted it and paired it with a horse saddle for the player to sit on.

Concerning the visual part of the installation we created graphical components on photoshop and Illustrator.
During this workshop my group and I created a game based on a racing concept. This game puts the player in the shoes of a cowboy crossing a desert while having to avoid obstacles and catch letters allowing him to unlock a treasure chest.

To make the game more immersive, we made a cardboard horse and also installed a saddle which allowed us to incorporate 4 interactions. These four interactions were moving to the right or left using the reins, jumping, by getting up from the saddle, and finally firing a gun also made of cardboard. The player saw the consequences of those interactions directly in front of him where the interface was projected.

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020