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VR Experience - 2019 - Group School Project (2 students)
For this project in partnership with the Museum of Natural History of Nantes, we had to create a VR experience inspired by insects.The original approche on this project was to explore and see how the world of insects could inspire new usage and interaction modalities to virtual reality.

The goal set for this experience was to immerse the user in the life of an insect of our choice and therefore discover the world from a macroscopic point of view. My colleague and I decided to use this project to explore that fascinating world of ants.
To start the project we first did general research about a variety of insect species. After studying ants and their characteristics, we learned that ants have the incredible ability to communicate with each other using pheromones and we thought the intangible aspect of it would be interesting to be able to visualize though our human eyes.

We then decided to set the experience in a place known by the visitor. Since the project was being presented at the Museum of Natural History of Nantes, the experience would recreate a space in front of the building along La Ligne Verte.

(La Ligne Verte is a green line that runs all around Nantes and that leads visitors to a series of key landmarks, events and installations during the summer)
We imagined a contemplative immersive experience where the visitor would incarnate an ant. A pheromone path represented by particles, and other ants following this track led the user to a series of three key points: a plant, a cigarette butt and chewed up gum, each of them looking immense due to the changed scale.
This project is one of four other projects with a similar goal of trying to place the user in the skin of an insect. This series of VR experience has been presented during various events such as La Nantes Digital Week (Nantes 2019), Les Utopiales (Nantes 2019), and La Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs (Nantes 2020). This project will also be presented and entered for competition at Laval Virtual 2020.

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020