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Mobile App - 2017/2018 - Individual School Project
For this project, on which I worked on throughout my final year of bachelor's degree, I decided to work on creating a better communication around emerging professions to help high school students in their choice of studies. After high school, I did not know what path I wanted to pursue, and I knew that many students were in a similar situation. I decided to create a design solution that would solve this problem.
I first started with a research phase, where I learned more about the user and the existing tools. After analysing all the information, I decided that I wanted to bring very concise but regular information directly to teenagers, so an app format seemed the most appropriate for this project.
From there I created the general structure of the app and defined the different functionalities. Finally I created the interfaces and an interactive prototype.
I named this project “Every” referring to the fact that every day the user will get a testimony of what professionals do on an everyday basis. This name also relates to the fact that it covers every job by giving a large panel of testimonies. The users also have the possibility to search testimonies by using keywords, allowing them to discover various jobs and the different studies that can get them there.

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020