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Sauver 2040

VR Experience - Individual School Project
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pendemic I have not been able to access any VR setup that would anable me to test my project. The majority of this project has been developped in Unity as a VR projet but with no VR setup to test it as I developped it. The following video has been captured and controlled via a comptuter which explains the difficulty to acheive the interactions.

If you would like to know more about how I dealt with developping my end of studies project while being in quarantine, I would be happy to tell you more about it
This project is my end of studies project on which I’ve been working on for the past year. I have complete freedom on this project both on theme and the devices used.

I wanted to work on a subject that was important to me so I decided to create a project related to biodiversity. This project is divided and evaluated in four phases, each corresponding to a certain stage of the project.
Like any other project, this one started with research which led me to writing my thesis about raising the state of awareness of biodiversity. From this thesis emerged the problematic for which I’m currently creating a design solution:

“Bring a change in behavior among 15-18 year olds towards the preservation of biodiversity, through an immersive awareness-raising experience presenting the causality between lifestyle habits and their impacts on ecosystems services.”

After studying the subject and the users I thought of three possible directions toward which I could bring my project.

I chose to go for an immersive experience that, through the elements in the scene, would be representative of the year 2040. Based on the user’s interaction, the scene would evolve and therefore allow them to see the consequences of their actions. From those key points I conceptualized three ideas for my final VR experience, each containing some key factors found in research about raising awareness and behavior changes.

For the creation of this project I used both asset found online and assets built by myself using 3dsMax and then textured in Substance Painter. The project has been coded and built using Unity.

With its playful and guilt-free approach, "Sauver 2040" presents the cause and effect relationships between our everyday habits and their impacts on ecosystem services. This VR experience is intended to be incorporated temporarily or permanently in exhibitions/workshops/museums on similar subjects.

The first sequence of the experience is passive. Its goal is to explain to the user a few fundamental notions on which is based the experience. The end part of the narration explains the instructions of the experience which will follow. In a second sequence, the player is transported in 2040 where our daily habits have impacted the environment. In front of them are 5 boxes each representing one person. Clues placed in the boxes help them imagine the person’s daily lives. By carefully observing the contents of the boxes and the environment around them, they have to assign the most judiciously each actions to the daily life of the people represented and reduce their impact on ecosystems.

I will have the opportunity to present and test this VR experience at the Natural History Museum of Le Havre soon as part of Natexplorers exhibition.

This project has also been preselected to be presented at the Design L'Expo, an exhibittion organized each year by L'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantiques showcasing the best student projects of the cohort.

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020