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Helmut Lang

3D Mapping - 2018 - Group School Project (3 students)
The goal of this project was to imagine and create a sonography and 3D mapping for a runway. We had to choose between different creators and build the project around their universe.

For this project we had to present our final work on a model on which we would project the 3D mapping with a video projector.
The first step of this project was to get in a group and research the creator we chose, Helmut Lang. We explored his universe and career from which we established a few key themes.

As a group, we decided to go for a rather minimalist direction to reflect Helmut Lang’s aesthetic. For the architecture of the runway we went for something very simple and geometrical with a series of square panels framing the center part of the model.

We used a black and white color scheme to reflect the colors in Helmut Lang’s creations. From there, we divided the audio that we chose into different sections and, using Adobe After Effects, created sequences of motion design for each of them, which we later mapped onto each panel with the software Millumin.

We pushed the 3D mapping further by using smoke in order to reveal intangible volumes, like slowly disappearing walls. In order to do this we placed a second video projector above the installation.
Using simple shapes, both in the animation of the 3D Mapping and in the architecture of the model, we brought the focus on the central part of the runway.

The sectioning we created throughout the runway with the help of the audio and 3D Mapping allowed us to showcase different main personalities often found in Helmut Lang’s runway.

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