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stress me

VR Experience - 2019 - Group School Project (3 students)
This project was created during a one week workshop in partnership with l’IRBA (Biomedical Research Institute of Armies). The brief brought to us by l’IRBA was to create a VR experience that would induce stress according to specific factors (loss of control, novelty, unpredictability, threat of ego).

In groups we had to create a VR experience that would induce stress which would later on be evaluated using a pulse sensor.
The first step of this project was to discuss what to introduce in the experience that would induce stress in the user. Very early on, we decided upon a situation induced by stress: the burn out at work. From there we made a storyboard marking every event in the VR experience.

We then started creating the unity scene and coding the multiple changes that would happen to the scene. In parallel we created an audio track with disorienting sounds and narration that, combined with VR, would play a huge role on the stress level.
This goal of the project is to induce a large amount of stress through an abstract representation of burnout at work. The scene is first set in an office environment which, after a series of stressful events, quickly switches to an abstract and dark space.

In front of the user is a door. When the user is given the instruction to open it, they will find that they are unable. Here we are introducing a loss of control - an example of the numerous triggers of stress. As the experience continues, the user will encounter varying stress triggers in multiple scenarios.

By alternating between different stressful events and calm moments we wanted to achieve a varying level of stress rather than keeping a constant one.

At the end of the week we proceeded to do some tests by putting a user in our VR experience while measuring the variations of the pulse.

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020