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Underwater Pollution

3D, Texturing, Rendering - 2019 - Individual School Project
This project was created under no particular design approach but simply as a way to showcase 3d modeling, texturing and rendering skills.

The brief was to create a scene that would evolve in two scenes, each relevant to two temporalities. The scene also had to include one or several main objects on which the scene would focus. The tools that had to be used were 3DSMax, Substance Painter and Unity.
I started by exploring the different theme ideas and inspirations for a 3D scenes. Those included themes such as the animation movie Princess Mononoke, the Mayan Ancient temples or pollution in the ocean. I ended up going for that last theme as I thought creating an underwater scene would allow me to explore unity effects and techniques the most.

After deciding the theme of my scene I went on and created a more detailed moodboard in order to define the two temporalities and the different props I wanted to include.
The next step was use 3DSMax to create the main components of the scene which were then exported to Substance painter on which I created the textures. Most props had to have two different textures, one for each temporality.

Finally, when all props were ready, I integrated them into unity and added lighting and post processing. In order to achieve a more convincing result I also added a couple effects such as the caustic light effect created using a projector.
This project showcases an underwater scene composed of an anchor, a shipwreck, various corrals and rocks. When pressing onto any key it is possible to switch from an unpolluted scene to a polluted one. On the polluted scene plastic pollution and pollution particles appear and we can also notice that the ocean level rose causing whitening of the corrals.

Later on I also integrated Steam VR to the scene in order to be able to contemplate it in virtual reality.

(Some secondary props such as the plastic barrels and chair and effects such as the water shader and the crepuscular light are from the Unity asset store)

Designed and coded by Emma Boileau - 2020